Concrete barriers solve anchoring problems on viaducts and bridges

Concrete barriers solve anchoring problems on viaducts and bridges

About the project

Temporary barriers protecting bridge repairs on Swanswell viaduct, Coventry

APC’s barriers protecting bridge repairs on Swanswell viaduct

Major upgrades are being made to the Swanswell viaduct which forms part of Coventry’s ring road. Built in the 1960’s, it has withstood the test of time with very little refurbishment since its construction. Currently, it is part of a scheme to bring it up to modern standards including upgrading the bridge parapets and replacing the existing waterproof membrane.


The challenge

Beaumont Traffic Management are the traffic management contractors responsible for sourcing temporary barrier to protect the work force from live traffic while the main contractor, Jackson Civil Engineering, carry out the repairs on the viaduct.

“Given the nature of viaducts, the temporary barriers need to be self standing without the requirement of being bolted down to the road surface, as anchoring the barriers risks penetrating the waterproof membrane of the bridge deck” says Russ Davidson, Commercial Manager from Beaumont Traffic Management.  “Therefore, it was essential we had to source a temporary barrier to meet these requirements”.

Temporary barrier protection on Swanswell viaduct

The solution

The team from Jackson Civil Engineering recommended APC Civils to Beaumont Traffic Management as they were familiar with the benefits of using APC and their temporary concrete barrier system.  Other barrier systems were considered but were unable to provide a suitable solution because they required anchoring to the road surface.


“APC’s barrier went a long way in helping us to secure the job at Coventry” comments Russ Davidson.

Installing temporary barriers on Swanswell viaduct, Coventry

Installing temporary barrier on Swanswell viaduct, Coventry

The benefits

  •  APC’s barrier does not require bolting to the road surface avoiding any damage to the waterproofing membrane of the viaduct
  • APC offers an efficient and fast installation service using the simple but strong JJ hook connecting system which allows barriers to be installed quickly over one night shift rather than two saving time and money
  • The concrete barriers have high containment levels required for viaduct edge protection to prevent vehicles from driving off the edge of the viaduct

Working with APC Civils

Russ Davidson comments “the Swanswell Viaduct project in Coventry is the first occasion we have worked with APC Civils. Shane and his team have offered a friendly and pro-active service. Having witnessed for myself their barrier installation process, I can say that it is quick and impressive. They are well organised and I would have no hesitation recommending them to other organisations.”

APC have supplied over 1km of barrier for the Swanswell viaduct upgrade and continue to service the contract with Beaumont Traffic Management.


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