Highways case study: Maximising working time; minimising disruption

Highways case study: Maximising working time; minimising disruption

About the project

The Buckingham Group asked APC Civils to provide a quotation for temporary barriers for the Kettering Gateway project to upgrade the A14 Junction 10 roundabout and re-align the A6 connection/Latimer Business Park connection roads. The barriers were required for both the bridge parapet works and the westbound slip road, where they could be considered for use, to help protect the workforce and enhance traffic management.

The solution

APC Civils provided temporary barriers for this project in two installations:

  • The first was for bridge parapet works. Concrete barriers were selected as they are free standing and therefore easier to install. As a further advantage, APC’s barriers don’t require pinning down to the road surface.
  • The second installation was for the westbound slip road, where work could be extended beyond off-peak times, to provide protection for the Buckingham Group workforce from live traffic.

The benefits

  • Using temporary barriers on the westbound slip road meant that an extra 3.5 hours’ working time per day was achieved, which all but offset the cost of the barriers, due to the competitive price provided by APC Civils. Adam Stubbins, Project Manager for the Buckingham Group said, “We got a lot more value for money per day by using barriers.”
  • This also eliminated the use of traffic management and an Impact Protection Vehicle to keep traffic lanes open during peak times.
  • APC installed the barriers at night to minimise any disruption.
  • Because their temporary barriers don’t need bolting down, there was no need for any making good afterwards – there were no holes to fill in.

Working with APC Civils

Adam Stubbins commented on the high level of customer service they received from APC Civils. “You aren’t just passed around from person to person – you get to know them and they’re interested in the job…Shane [the Managing Director] is involved in the project…so you can pick up the phone and get an answer instantly. With Shane, you feel that nothing is a problem. He makes you feel that he’d do anything for you and that you’re his number one priority at that time. He’s always there when he says he’s going to be.”

He added, “All the kit is new so it looks very professional. They look the part as well as being able to do the job. So when they turn up…it gives a good impression.”

Adam also said, “We were reassured that they had all the LANTRA cards and accreditations to put barriers on Highways England roads.”

They were so pleased with the service that they’ve since used APC’s barriers for a warehouse project in Doncaster – they phoned up one day and had the barriers there the next. They’re also planning to use APC Civils’ services on another large roadworks project.

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